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Energy Affecting Curly Hoop Earrings

Energy Affecting Curly Hoop Earrings

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Nicely weighted and easy to wear all day long.

These classic earrings each have it's own healing powers.


Chakra Healing - 7 Stones, each stone aligning with it's Chakra.  Feel YOU AGAIN as the alignment in your body brings connection as you wear them.

Peace and Self-Love - Rose Quartz stones which emanate self-healing and self-love on the wearer.  Feel the peace and increase your personal joy.

Energy Balancing - Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone encourages the wearer to feel emotionally balanced, balance hormones and provides the opportunity to connect with Source Energy!

Comes in wire options of Solid Copper, Silver Colored Copper, Gold Colored Copper and Sterling Silver.


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