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Crystal Life Adventures

Natural Mountain Crystal Pendant - Waterfall Wrap

Natural Mountain Crystal Pendant - Waterfall Wrap

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Have you ever held a Natural Mountain Crystal in your hand?  

If you feel energy in crystals, this is an experience like no other!

Imagine traveling up a steep Mountain Goat trail for 2 miles, then finally arriving at "the place"! Digging and sifting through the rubble and finding beautiful gemstones!

This is the story of Crystal Life Adventures, because it's all about the Crystals and Gemstone!

These beautiful Natural Mountain Crystal Pendants are all hand mined and hand crafted by Crystal and Kevin.  

The Natural Mountain Crystals are from a mine located in the mountains of Washington State and gently processed with love.  These crystals have never had any harsh chemicals on their surface and have never been touched by human hands in any negative fashion.  

Quartz Crystals magnify and clarify the energy around it.  When paired with other gemstones, it magnifies the properties of the other stones!

Note: Each item is hand crafted and each wrap style is different depending on the stone itself. The pictures are representations of what you will receive in your purchase, length, clarity and the natural points vary.  These crystals each range in length of 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches.

Wire options are pure copper, silver colored copper, gold colored copper and sterling silver.  Comes with necklace options of Sterling Silver 18 inch, Gold plated 18 inch and leather cord with solid copper or silver (or silver  or gold  

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