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Retro Guitar Rockhound Hoodie

Retro Guitar Rockhound Hoodie

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Step into the groovy world of geology and music with our Retro Rockhound Hoodie! 🐢🎸✌️

This shirt is a blast from the past, featuring a charming retro doggo who's here to rock your world with their guitar skills. Amidst a psychedelic backdrop, this dog is the epitome of cool.

So, slip into this hoodie, embrace the retro vibes, and let your inner rockhound shine. Get ready to groove and show the world that you're all about rocks, roll, and retro style. It's time to make the past rock on in style! ✌️🎢πŸͺ¨πŸ•

This hoodie features soft and comfy, mid-weight, and double seamed to hold it's shape!

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